There are lots of factors that go into saving on electricity, if you don’t want to read this go read my story on how I managed to cut my power bill by 40% (on the bottom of the page). So let’s get back to the main topic How to save on electricity.

It’s a pretty good question and there are tons of ways to save money on electricity . I would like to show you some basic methods that will help. Remember each little power savage adds up. You need to posses discipline and really want to do it.

At first let’s talk about the biggest power saving myth. If you got an adapter plugged into outlet your power bill grows. This is so false, of course if your adapter has a small light on it. It will need some power, but it will be minimal. Adapters without build in light bulb that are only plugged into your outlet use zero energy.   This has been checked thousands of times current just travels back. After all the year it is still the biggest lie around.

If you want to know how to save on electricity, there are few very important methods that will help you do just that:

  • ·         Make sure you turn off all the lights when you leave a room for more than 30 seconds.
  • ·         Make sure you get lower watt light bulbs – I’m sure you don’t need 150 watt light bulbs
  • ·         Make sure you invest into the ecological light bulbs – this is very important and it had been tested that they last longer and save a lot of energy.
  • ·         Make sure when you plug your cell phone or camera to recharge takes it out as soon as it hits 100% - first it saves your battery, second why have it plugged in if it’s already at 100%? To use more power?
  • ·          If you sitting at your kitchen waiting for water to boil or smoking a cig and relaxing maybe it’s time to get some candles. First of natural light will make you feel better and you won’t be wasting any power. You might not save money on this, but you also won’t pay more
  • ·         Make sure you if it’s warm to dry your stuff outside using solar power – this make not only save you energy but make your stuff actually smell nice
  • ·         Turn off your TV and PC before you go to sleep I noticed that many people leave them on all night or forgot to put a timer. If you downloading something make sure your pc closes when he is done.
  • ·         If you about to buy some equipment for your house make sure you get something that is electrical efficient. You don’t want to pay 30$ less for a washing machine to notice it takes 50$ more than the ecological one per year.

There is tons of more stuff you can do to save on electric bill, but I would have to spend around a week writing a very long article. Take those above as the most important ones and expend on them. Like I said before, this will take a lot of energy and discipline to keep up. 

There is a lot easier way to save on power bill, the answer is Magnetic Energy Generators, but you will have to read my own story about the subject. Make sure to visit my blog and learn more. A lot of people are stating this machine is a scam because it is not a perpetual motion device. I have to agree it is not one of those devices, but it works so who cares if you are really intrested into finding out why it is not a perpetual motion device than check this site

So my how to save on electricity article is coming to an end. I hope you learned something and I didn’t waste too much of your time.

Best wishes to all of you